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Hey everyone-

I’m John, Co-founder of Goodjuice and Montagave Tequila.

You know what good juice is, right?

In our world, it means delicious and well-made wine and spirits.

If you're like us, you use these words because you drink and share the bottles that have a story, that have integrity, and that taste delicious.

But when we attended wine and spirits festivals around the country, there was always a gap between what we thought was "good juice" and what was being showcased. It blew our minds so much that we decided it was time to bridge that gap, to showcase what truly deserved the spotlight.

The inaugural Goodjuice Agave Festival is challenging the status quo as an assembly of only legendary producers and brands.

Be warned, if you're familiar with tequila and mezcal, this lineup is going to blow you away.

I'm talking about generational brands like Cascahuin, Arette, El Tequileno, Siete Leguas, Tapatio, Fuenteseca, and Ocho. And new stars like Lalo, Cazcanes, Wild Common, and Volans.

This is the revival of taste, tradition, and authenticity. Welcome to Goodjuice!

John Melvin
Co-founder, Goodjuice

PS - All proceeds from Goodjuice are supporting the Goodjuice, Good Cause initiative, benefiting children's education and food and water insecurity. We look forward to drinking some good juice with you to support this community and have some positive impact on great organizations!

Agave Festival

May 4, 2024

Julep Venue

San Diego, CA


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